Welcome to the Department of Psychology, Easwari School of Liberal Arts, at the SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh!

The Department of Psychology comprises a diverse community of excellent faculty, highly talented and vibrant students, and trained research scholars. We offer undergraduate and PhD programmes in Psychology. We are a group of people who wish to make a positive difference at the personal, professional and community levels. Despite social taboos related to mental health, psychology has become the most sought-after undergraduate programme in the post-covid era. There is an increased awareness among the students and their parents on the importance of mental health and related issues.

The graduate programme in Psychology is one of the premier programmes offered by SRM University-AP to students who have a passion for pursuing Psychology in their career. This programme includes a breadth of subjects empowering the students with adequate knowledge of a range of subfields in Psychology and acts as a catalyst to identify their area of interest to pursue their master’s degree programme or other career choices. The courses are spread across subjects/domains such as Social, Developmental, Cognitive, Abnormal, Educational, Sports, Forensic, Experimental, Health etc., to name a few.

Our faculty members adapt creative and innovative teaching pedagogy to foster an impeccable learning environment for the students. This department offers active and experiential learning to the students by utilising Psychometric assessments, Questionnaires, and Instruments etc; the state of art laboratory nurtures bright minds with cutting-edge research experience. Our lab includes a biofeedback machine, which is available in very few institutions across the nation.

The department provides a lot of opportunities for interdisciplinary studies within the school of liberal arts and cross-disciplinary across the disciplines in the University. Our curriculum framework is tailor-made, creative, innovative, and enriched with adequate information and knowledge such that our students are well equipped to pursue higher education opportunities abroad or in India. We are immensely proud of our first batch of graduating students, who have been offered admissions from premier institutions abroad, such as Adelphi University in the USA, Coventry University, Swansea University, Westminster University, and Greenwich University, in the UK. Our students embark on their career journey in various fields such as Human resources, Industrial - Organisational, Cognitive, Counselling or Clinical, to name a few.

I invite you to explore our psychology department webpages to learn more about the exciting community of experienced faculty relentlessly working for the betterment of students and ever-motivated students willing to achieve their goals with excellence.

Dr Ayesha Parveen Haroon
Head of the Department,
Department of Psychology
Easwari School of Liberal Arts
SRM University–AP, Andhra Pradesh