Funded Projects

  • Details of largest extramural research grants received during the last five years: Rs. 603.5 Lakhs
S. No Title Name of the faculty members Sanctioned Amount (Lakhs) Funding Agency
1 Photoredox and Nickel Dual Catalyst for Reductive Coupling Reactions of Alkynes: An Atom- and Step-Economic Route to Functionalized Alkenes Synthesis Dr S Mannathan 44.11 L DST-SERB
2 Targeted Delivery of Combination Drugs Using Exosome-RNA Nanotechnology for Cancer Treatment Dr Satheesh Ellipilli 125.00 L DST-SERB
3 Developing Structure-Morphology- Performance Relationships in Organic Solar Cells Dr Mahesh K Ravva 19.93 L DST-NSM
4 Development of nano-engineered blue-emitting blinking suppressed ‘Giant’ quantum dots Dr Nimai Mishra 18.3 L DST-TARE
5 Theoretical insights on the critical factors that influence the performance of non-fullerene organic solar cells Dr Mahesh Kumar Ravva 120 L DST-INSPIRE
6 Metal-catalysed new cross-coupling reactions via C-H bond activation and Metallacycle formation Dr S Mannathan 55 L DST-INSPIRE
7 Synthesis of High Indexed Faceted, Near Infra-Red (NIR) Active Hybrid Nanomaterials for (Photo)Catalysis Dr Sabyasachi C 1.5 L UGC-DAE CSR