First DST-FIST of SRM University-AP

The DST FIST project, with a budget of 2.20 crores, has been awarded to the Department of Chemistry at SRM AP. This project aims to establish a research facility that will significantly increase our ability to conduct advanced research. The proposal seeks to attain specific goals related to the creation of metal-based nanomaterial catalysts for organic synthesis, as well as multifunctional mixed metal oxide catalysts for hydrogen production from methane. The Department has been recommended a 400 MHz NMR spectrometer by DST, which will enhance our expertise and aid in achieving the proposed objectives.

Specific Objectives of the DST-FIST Proposal

Theme I: Metal Based Nanomaterial Catalysts in Organic Synthesis

Development of new multi component and oxidative coupling reactions using metal-based nanomaterials/metal oxides as the catalyst

Theme II: Design and Development of Multifunctional Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts for Steam Methane Reforming and Emission Control Systems

Development of metal oxide catalysts for hydrogen production from methane

Total outlay of the project

220 L

Equipment Sanctioned

200.0 L [400 MHz NMR]

Industry R& D (IRD)

2.00 L

Scientific Social Responsibility

1.0 L


17.0 L