Overview of the Conference

The series on the International Conference on Materials Genome (ICMG) at SRM University-AP, India was started in 2020 under the Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) theme meeting. ICMG, a biennial conference, is set up to nurture and promote research and development activities in computational materials.

Objectives of the Conference

The enormous leap in computational approaches with advances in experimental measurements over the past decades demonstrates vividly that this approach can play a key role in solving challenging research problems. Quantum mechanical-based calculations followed by Machine Learning (QM/ML) are ideal for guiding experiments to discover novel materials and understand the fundamental properties of the materials with technological advancements. The current status along with future plans and prospects will be highlighted, covering all the recent developments in First-Principles calculations, experiments, materials database and machine learning for materials will be discussed. The main objective of this meeting is to establish collaborations among theoreticians, experimentalists, and industry professionals by sharing ideas and results through poster and oral presentations.


  • Quantum Mechanics/Machine Learning Approach
  • High-throughput Computation
  • Machine Learning aided discovery of Materials

Parallel Symposium I - Themes:

  • OER/HER/ORR/NRR, CO2 reduction
  • CO Oxidation
  • Storage materials – Batteries, Supercapacitor

Parallel Symposium II - Themes:

  • Materials for Solar Cell Applications
  • Thermoelectric Materials
  • 2D Materials and Device Application
  • Development of Methods

Parallel Symposium III - Theme:

  • Collective Phenomena in Disordered Systems ...to know more

Important Dates

Dates of the conference February 22-24, 2024
Last Date for Abstract Submission Closed
Acceptance of Abstract (Overseas participants) January 05, 2024
Acceptance of Abstract (Domestic) January 05, 2024
Last date for Registration and Payment of Fees January 05, 2024


Contact Us

Email: conf.icmg@srmap.edu.in

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