English Language Courses

English Language Courses (ELC) are intended for students entering college, and existing college students who seek to develop their English language and academic skills in preparation for and in support of university studies.

Students who do not have an English language proficiency score or who have a score that is below the academic admission standards can enhance their English skills by enrolling in our programme. Our mission is to assist you in achieving your English proficiency objectives.

Learn more about our courses and get answers to some frequently asked questions in the sections below.

Meet the Faculty

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Programme Highlights

The ELC support English learners from beginning proficiency levels up through highly advanced levels.

  • Oral Communication (Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation)
  • Writing/Grammar
  • Reading/Vocabulary
  • Graduate Writing/Grammar
  • English Proficiency Test Prep
  • Specially designed English courses to supplement academic coursework

For more information, see the detailed course descriptions.

The core courses are offered across 5 levels of proficiency:

  • Level 1: Entry level
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advanced

For more information, see the detailed course descriptions.

Conditional admission is a pathway for eligible applicants to gain admission to an academic degree programme at SRM University-AP! To qualify for conditional admission, students must achieve all academic admissions standards of the programme in which they desire to enrol, with the exception of English language competency.

ELC allow qualified graduate students to attain English language proficiency without having to take a standardised test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

Once the student has demonstrated proficiency, he or she will be able to enrol in academic courses in their field of study for the following semester.

The ELC also offer unique elective courses each semester that allow students to fine-tune and enhance their English language skills. Among the highlights are:

English for Engineering- Aims to develop communication skills and knowledge of the English language in engineering graduates. Students will learn professional vocabulary that is relevant to their chosen profession. Engineering and technology functions, methods, designs, and problem-solving are all covered in this course. Students are required to participate actively in class, working in pairs and groups as well as individually, and the classes are taught in a conversational manner.

English for Business- This is a specialised course aimed at assisting non-native English speakers in effectively communicating in business scenarios. This course focuses on verbal abilities, such as giving presentations (both individually and in groups), managing audience questions, running an effective business meeting, and improving English skills through critical self-analysis of speech. Furthermore, students will address pronunciation concerns that are related to the jobs they will be doing. The essential sessions are all videotaped, and one of the vital aspects of training is the ability to critically evaluate one's own performance and that of others.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills- Students will practise concept generation, organisation, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, grammar, and intricacies by using a range of methodologies. Content, vocabulary, and grammar from numerous pieces of literature will be blended into writing exercises. Students will improve their public speaking skills, practise creating and delivering presentations, and master the fundamentals of public speaking in academia, conferences, and the classroom.