Centres for Foreign Languages

What is a Centre for Foreign Language?

A centre for foreign language is where skills are honed, perfection is pursued, and qualities are conferred. The existing resources and capacities are utilised to enable the researchers to come together from various disciplines and institutions and collaborate. This approach towards research and inclusion of multiple perspectives bring out regionally relevant and globally rewarding results. The fundamental characteristic of Centres for Foreign Languages at SRM University-AP is the collaboration between experts that transcends the boundaries of institutes to achieve a sharing of knowledge and resources, filling up spaces where there is a need to build a stronger foundation.

Foreign Languages offered

  • Japanese
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Course Objectives

After successful completion of the courses, the participants will be able to

  • Develop communication and comprehension skills for conducting day-to-day business effectively
  • Understand typical everyday and job-related expressions and sentences in the written format
  • Use simple, familiar expressions and produce main ideas of familiar topics when interacting with
    native speakers or when visiting countries
  • Enhance their knowledge of the country’s culture and society

Course Delivery Method and Evaluation

The classes will be conducted online through a convenient web medium or offline delivery. The method involves a communicative approach through language games, role play, authentic materials, and task-oriented practices. In addition, didactical methods will also include teaching productive and receptive skills and creative and engaging group activities to ensure better learning outcomes and increase participant confidence in overall communication. Evaluation is based on regular assignments, quizzes, and final exams.

Post Course Benefits

  • International internship opportunities are respective to the related country
  • Higher Studies opportunities for career enhancement
  • Job opportunities respective to the related country

Centre for Asian and Taiwan Studies imparts an interdisciplinary understanding and knowledge of history, government and politics, foreign policy, society and culture and the political economy of different Asian regions and facilitates cultural dialogue between Taiwan and India.

The primary role of the centre is to undertake, support, and promote research and teaching about Japan as well as to build academic engagement with Japanese scholars and institutions. Among the ways, we do this is through intensive and dynamic seminar series, workshops, public lectures, and conferences.

Provides a holistic understanding of Europe and Latin America, and aims to nurture and supervise all collaborations. The centre will The centre conducts and promotes research from a range of angles exchanging scholars and knowledge to promote mutual respect, better understanding, and harmony.