Symposium: Fracmeet-2020

About: The micro-mechanics of heterogeneous materials with randomness in structure is a burgeoning multidisciplinary research area which overlaps the scientific branches of materials science, mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, geophysics, and biology. The prediction of the behavior of heterogeneous materials by the use of properties of constituents and their micro-structures is a central issue of micro-mechanics.

This symposium, jointly organized with the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, aims to address the most recent standing of mechanics of porous media, granular systems, glassy and amorphous materials, bio-materials etc from the point of view of statistical physics.

Invited Speakers:

Anuradha Banerjee (IIT Madras, India)

Bikas K. Chakrabarti (SINP & SNBCBS, Kolkata, India)

Arghya Das (IIT Kanpur, India)

Lucas Goehring (NTU, Nottingham, UK)

Takahiro Hatano (Osaka University, Japan)

Smarajit Karmakar (TIFR Hyderabad, India)

Ferenc Kun (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

V. Madhurima (Central University of Tamil Nadu, India)

Akio Nakahara (Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan)

R.Rajesh (IMSc, Chennai)

Parag U. Tandaiya (IIT Bombay, India)

Sujata Tarafdar (Jadavpur University, India)

Koushik Viswanathan (IISc, Bangalore, India)


Conveners: Fracmeet-2020

Purusattam Ray (IMSc, Chennai)

Pinaki Chaudhuri (IMSc, Chennai)

Soumyajyoti Biswas (SRM University - AP, Amaravati)


Message for the participants:

Please note that the registration, accommodation and other details for this symposium are the same as the main conference. You can check those here [hyperlink “here” to]


For any queries regarding the symposium, please contact:

Soumyajyoti Biswas


Mobile: +91 9831446167