World Blood Donor Day Celebrations
Hon’ble Minister Smt. Vidadala Rajini inaugurated the blood donation camp
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100% Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
QuanTEEM Master’s in Germany, France, Denmark, and Russia
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Admission Offers from Multiple Universities
Rohan Reddy Sambidi received admission offers with scholarships upto $16,500
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Secretary of IETE, Vijayawada
Dr Sujith Kalluri to collaborate with academic and industrial experts
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Overseas Internship in Germany
Nikhileswar’s project on spot robots at
MASCOR Institute
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Towards Inner Peace and Freedom
Addressed the need of liberating minds on International Yoga Day
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Multi-utility Buggy Car
Mechanical engineering students develop a
multi-utility vehicle
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Article Featured in Brainz Magazine
Mr Aaditya Jain discusses the significance of self-awareness in professional space
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A Oil Stove Burning the Waste Oil
A sustainable solution from the innovator square
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Global Immersion at UTP, Malaysia
21 students complete the familiarisation programme
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Embarking on a New Journey with Pride
Integrative Biology student to do his Master’s at the University of Memphis
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Accentuating Research
Computational Intelligence and Healthcare System
Secure, robust medical image transmission
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IRS-aided Wireless IoT Network Communications
Examines the impact in 6G communications
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Aqueous Electrolyte
Sustainable electrochemical methods for
Ammonia synthesis
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Deep Learning Enabled IRS
Envisioning 6G intelligent transportation systems
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Twisted Conjugacy in Linear Algebraic Groups
Paper published in the Journal of Algebra
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Finding Similar Song Patterns
Computational technique to be used in music therapy
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Tackling the Menace of Cyber Poaching
A valuable addition to wildlife conservation measures
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Restoring the Corrupted Digital Image
Paper published in the Electrochemical Society Transactions
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Emerging Trends in Soft Computing
Dr Tousif Khan published in Springer Nature
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Invasive Shrubs and the Flora and Soils
Study in the tropical dry deciduous forests of
central India
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Protein-metal Nanocluster Hybrid
Molecular-level Understanding of Charge
Transport Behaviour
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Recovery of Nutrients from Wastewater
Research to Reduce the Import of Fertilisers
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Organic Food Preferences
Comparison of American and Indian consumers
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Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Exploring the applications in food safety
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Human Activity Recognition Systems
Discussing various applications and relevance
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Matrix-enabled Road Distress Classification
Invention to be applicable in visual inspection systems
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Influential Nodes in Complex Networks
Scopes in Viral marketing through social networks
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Recasting High-entropy Alloys
Novel ideas to modify the applications of HEAs
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Applications of the Pareto Principle
Predicting catastrophic breakdown in
disordered systems
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Building Blocks of the Universe
Revisiting the standard model of particle physics
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Upcoming Events
Mathematics Conference
On algebraic geometry and commutative algebra
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