Department Of Psychology - Course Details

The science of the psyche is a subject born both as a science and a part of human necessity. Psychology is a branch of science that deals with human behaviour, responses, and reactions in India and across the world, jobs that need individuals trained in psychology are growing. Life today is fast-paced, and individuals often have competing demands on their time, sleep is often compromised, and stress-related illnesses are on the rise. In this cauldron called modern-day society, a major in psychology is expected to usher in a sense of order and calm.

The Department of Psychology at SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, is a competent group with extensive, if not exhaustive knowledge capacity of how the human brain works, what makes it tick and thereby concentrate on the mental welfare of the human being struggling in the web of today’s and tomorrow’s ever-changing world. Further, students will also pursue Foundation Courses and Minors across other departments within the Easwari School of Liberal Arts.


Programmes Offered