Message From HOD

Dr Ugen BhutiaGreetings!

Business in today’s world has become more dynamic than ever. The pandemic changed the spectrum of business, and E-Commerce replaced the traditional market to a great extent. Accordingly, trade and commerce have tremendous potential to influence the lives of individuals and businesses. Business is a great game, and to succeed in it, people should know the key drivers of the business. The Department of Commerce students are taught to understand the nuts and bolts of business, be it Accounting, Finance, HR or Analytics. The young talents are nurtured to understand the concepts holistically through its dynamic curriculum. The student’s learning is monitored and assessed continuously through various innovative ways; some of the assessment tools in this direction are the usage of digital exams, online exams, case study tests, group discussions, role plays, quiz programmes, lab-based practicals, research projects and through other assessment criteria.

Though the Department started its journey as a two-years baby, it has a proven track record throughout the world through its national, global and industry connections under the umbrella of SRM Group. A strong leader in various fields of education, be it engineering, science, medicine, law, management, or commerce.

Dr A Lakshmana Rao

Associate Professor & HoD, Department of Commerce

SRM University-AP