Higher Secondary / +2 in any stream, Working knowledge in English

Program Duration

60 Hours in 6 Weeks. 10 Hours / Week

Fee Structure

INR                 USD
12,000              160

Formed by Dr Tushar Guha, Nrityanjali began in a very small way, with the twin objective of imparting discipline and promoting our great cultural heritage among the youth. Nrityanjali's approach is simple, and its medium is music, dance and dramatics. Nrityanjali started its journey, striving to reach its goal of social service. The organisation progressed over the years, extending the activities in various dimensions. Nrityanjali is now a registered public charitable trust.

Intermediate Course : Kathak (6 Weeks : Theory + Practical)

(To be discussed if at this level the students will enroll directly or will join this after attending Basic course)

  • Understanding layers of Abhinaya, Nritta, Nritya, Natya
  • Understanding Head and Neck Movements
  • Sanyukta Hastamudra
  • Technique of writing Kathak mnemonic syllables
  • Understanding Schools of Kathak
  • Guru Vandana
  • Saraswati Vandana
  • Teen Taal (16 Beats)
    • Thaat
    • Aamad
    • Paran
    • Chakradar Paran
    • Kavitta
    • Tihai
  • Jhaptaal (10 Beats)
    • Thaat
    • Aamad
    • Paran
    • Chakradar Paran
    • Kavitta
    • Tihai
  • Gatnikas
    • Seedhi Gat
    • Bansuri
    • Ghoonghat
    • Matki – three styles
    • Chhed Chaad
  • Gatbhav
    • Panihaari
    • Makhanchori
      • Presentation of the item