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School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The SLASS undergraduate programme is developed to make our students good citizens and thought leaders by offering them an innovative and modernised curriculum. The curriculum is developed based on IDEAL (Inter Disciplinary Experimental Learning) on an Active Learning Pedagogy, model MIT. The students will also participate in undergraduate research [UROP] as well as in multiple industry internships, India and abroad. The programme provides Semester Abroad [SAP] in top Universities across the world.

You can pursue your passion, choices and decisions is yours. Major, Minor and Specialization, combinationof any. You can major in Economics with specialization in Foreign Trade and minor in Business or History.

The undergraduate programs includes mandatory 6 Foundation courses in English, History, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science and Data Sciences. Besides learning the job-ready skills in their chosen specialization, this interdisciplinary foundation will teach them the skills they need to compete in India and Global career opportunities.

The three-year programme can be extended to a fourth year Diploma/Certificate course for students interested to pursue Higher Studies in USA. The fourth year programme includes courses and a project at SRM-AP, or a Semester/Year Abroad Studies for 40 credits.

Major & Minor

Major with Hons. requires close of 140 credits for awarding the degree including certain credits for Specialization. Minor helps broadening the course of study, well rounded, taking 6 courses of 20 credits with 2 courses overlap. It can be within SLABS or other schools. You have to meet certain criteria of selection. Along with Majoring degree, a separate certificate will be issued for Minor.

B.Sc. (Hons.)[3 years Program]

Medium of Instruction: English

B.Sc (Hons.) Specialization Job Opportunities
Psychology Clinical Psychology Can pursue several types of psychologist and counsellor careers, ranging from mental health to addiction and behaviour disorders, in Industries, Hospital, Educational Institutions and others.
Applied psychology
Economics Econometrics Several opportunities in large companies, banks, insurance companies, hospital, a credit card company, or internationalorganizations
Mathematical Economics
International Economics

B.A. (Hons.) [3 years Program]

Medium of Instruction: English

B.A. (Hons.) Specialization Job Opportunities
English Ample career options in the field of Social Media Manager, Technical Writer, Public Relations Specialist, Lawyer, Grant Writer, Librarian, Editor and Content Manager, and Human Resources Specialist. And, Civil Service
History There are several career options in academic and research. And, Archaeology, Museology, Museum curators, Archivists, Historians, and Civil services.


Engineering Minors Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
SLASS & Management Minors Business Management
English Studies
Applied Mathematics
Integrative Biology