Post COVID scenarios in Higher Education in India
Prof Anil Sahasrabudhe showed the way forward
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Technology Business Incubator launches the first start-up ventures cohort
36 ideas to be mentored and supported by the experts
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Student granted copyright for
Face Shield design
Biodegradable face shields at affordable cost
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CSE Students developed society
friendly apps
Won prestigious hackathons with bounties
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INAE selects EEE Student
Engineering Student Mentoring Programme
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ECE students enrolled in reputed
global universities
First Batch is in search of transcendental knowledge
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100% Placement in CSE
First graduating batch bags envious job offers
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Accentuating Research
End of COVID-19 in AP
Scientists predict the end of the Pandemic in AP
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Research collaboration with Titan Company Ltd
Dr Vinod engineers novel gold alloys for contemporary jewellery
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Novel designs for ammonia synthesis to substitute Haber-Bosch process
Cost effective electrocatalyst with increased efficiency
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Captivating research on missiles and space vehicles
Dr Satya P Jammy received grant from DST
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Films as History; Exploring Historiophoty
Dealt with the promises and challenges of Historiophoty as a sub-stream of history
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ICMR-NIN Scientist on the Dietary
Risk Factors for NCDs
Dr A Laxmaiah elucidated on the role of nutrition in alleviating such risks.
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National Symposium on High Energy Physics
Prof Rohini Godbole expounded on Particle Physics
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International conclave of Agricultural Sustainability
Role of Technology for the growth of Agriculture
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United we stand
TEC-NTHU aids SRMAP in the fight against COVID 19
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Spatial Dimensions of Big Data
Nokia Bell Labs researcher tells the tale
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Eminent Guest Lecture Series: 01
Prof Puru Jena enlightens on "Beyond the Periodic Table of Elements"
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