Research Areas

1. Bioelectrochemical and Bioreactor systems

2. Energy production and water treatment

3. Nano materials

4. Green Chemistry


Walk-in Incubator

UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Water bath

TDS meter

Hot Air oven

Recent Publications

1. Lakhveer Singh*, Supriyanka Rana, Sveta Thakur, Deepak Pant, (2020), Bioelectrofuel synthesis by nanoenzyme: A novel alternative to conventional enzymes. Trends in Biotechnology Journal. (I.F. 13.74).

2. Luguang Wang, Ye Chen, Fei Long, Lakhveer Singh, Stephani Trujillo, Xiang Xiao, Hong Liu. (2020). Breaking the Loop: Tackling Homoacetogenesis by Chloroform to Halt Hydrogen Production-Consumption Loop in Single Chamber Microbial Electrolysis Cells. Chemical Engineering Journal. 389.124436. I.F. 8.35

3. Zaied Bin Khalid, Zularisam, Lakhveer Singh, Md. Nurul Islam Siddique, Mohd Nasrullah*, Santhana Krishnan (2020), Co-digestion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent for Enhanced Biogas Production in Solar Assisted Bioreactor: Supplementation of Ammonium Bicarbonate. Science of the Total Environment. 706, 136095. I.F.5.58.

4. Zaied, B. K., Mamunur Rashid, Mohd Nasrullah, A. W. Zularisam, Deepak Pant, and Lakhveer Singh*. (2020) "A comprehensive review on contaminants removal from pharmaceutical wastewater by electrocoagulation process." Science of The Total Environment. 138095. I.F.5.58.


Lakhveer Singh*, Abu Yousuf, Durga Mahapatra (2020).“Bioreactors: Sustainable design and industrial applications in mitigation of GHG emissions. Publisher Elsevier” ISBN: 9780128212646