Understanding material failure, from macroscopic predictions of structural disintegration to microscopic framework of damage nucleation and propagation, remains a central challenge in a wide range of disciplines. A. A. Griffith, exactly a hundred years ago, first proposed an energy-balance criterion for understanding damage propagation in brittle materials. The field has progressed considerably since then. The current challenges and techniques, spanning from designing self-healing materials to the use of statistical learning in failure predictions, call for new insights from experimental observations and theoretical studies, much of which has remained open questions.

List of Speakers

Stefano Zapperi

Michael Zaiser

Thibaut Divoux

Alex Hansen

Sivasambhu Mahesh

Mikko Alava

Ian Main

Koushik Viswanathan

Lucas Goehring

Takahiro Hatano

Stephane Santucci

Renault Toussaint


Local Organizing committee

Soumyajyoti Biswas

Anuradha Banerjee

Purusattam Ray

Mallikarjuna Rao Motapothulla

Ranjit Thapa

Schedule IST (UTC+05:30)

Opening (March 8, 13:45) // Closing (March 11, 17:30)

14:00-15:00 15:00-16:00 16:00-16:30 16:30-17:30
March 8 S. Zapperi M. Zaiser Break T. Divoux
March 9 A. Hansen S. Mahesh M. Alava
March 10 I. Main K. Viswanathan L. Goehring
March 11 T. Hatano S. Santucci R. Toussaint

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