Career Development Centre (CDC)

SRM University-AP understands the requirements of today's world. Therefore, our experienced trainers have developed courses to provide students with not only soft skill training but also other professional training. Career Development Centre (CDC) prepares students across the semesters to make them Industry-Ready.



With a team of highly experienced trainers, the CDC team is involved in developing students’ Competency Skills, such as,


  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Behaviour Skills
  • Interview Handling Skills
  • Training Domain and Coding skills

The varsity has Training Partners and Assessment Partners who are actively involved in bridging the gaps between academia and industry beginning from the first semester till the sixth semester. The training modules are designed to help students in cracking placement interviews and National and International coding contests like hackathons and other competitive exams. Apart from the regular academic course, the training programme follows a schedule to ensure industry readiness.


First semester to the Sixth semester

Students are given training on Employability skills, such as Quants, Verbal, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, and Interview handling skillsets. This helps the students to understand the professional world better and how to prepare for it.

Third semester to the Sixth semester

Students become familiar with Coding Training and industry-standard coding skills. These trainings provide students with the opportunity to turn their academic skills into professional skills as the industry prefers.

Fifth semester

Domain Training, preparatory training for technical interviews and GATE Standards are provided to help the students to be boosted with energy and confidence.

Moreover, our Assessment Partners validate students on a timely basis, and their reports help us to understand where our students' knowledge levels stand and what should be done to improve. The Career Development Centre (CDC) team is involved in bringing all the training programs together and monitoring students’ progress, and catering additional supplement classes whenever required to make training effective.