Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) intends to provide financial assistance to facilitate the up-gradation of knowledge and skill. It aims to provide opportunities for induction training to teachers employed in various disciplines such as Engineering & Technology, Basic and Applied Sciences, Liberal Arts, Management and Business Studies etc. The Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) are organised to cover areas such as technical education policy, new concepts, methods and techniques, theory and skills development and up-gradation of pedagogy educational technology, motivation, communication skills, management and other relevant issues to keep pace with the changing scenario in Technical Education. The scheme is designed to enhance the teaching and other skills of the faculty and to make them aware of modern teaching tools and methodologies. It provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge about current technological developments in relevant fields. It will not only promote the professional practices relevant to technical education but also motivates the faculty to achieve competitive teaching and learning environment, thus channelising development with respect to academic qualifications and personal matters.