1st Convocation at SRM-AP
Dr Andrew D Hamilton, President, New York University and Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan, Director, National Science Foundation, USA
graced the occasion
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On the Journey of Writing
Insightful panel with Mr Jairam Ramesh,
Member of Parliament
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Gearing up for Translational Research
Dr V K Saraswat, Hon'ble Member, NITI Aayog, inaugurated Centres of Excellence
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CRISPR/Cas: From Biology to Technology
National conference for scientific exchange and networking
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Maiden Alumni Journey Begins
To power the future defining the character and
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Marquee Offers up to ₹42.5 LPA
Moment of celebration and pride
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Soaring High to Pace University,
New York
BA History student explores interdisciplinary
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Virtual Awareness Meet
Discover Future with James Cook University, Singapore
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Day of Fun and Laughter
Team Sunshine celebrate Children's Day ignites
curiosity and imagination
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Accentuating Research
SERB-DST Sanctioned ₹44 lacs
Funded project for functionalized alkene
preparation strategy
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New Scheme for Embedding
Electronic Patient Reports (EPR)
Pathbreaking research
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Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy
Proposal to automate the process of
real-time diagnosis
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Stabilizing Li-S batteries
Energy storage solution for the future
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Corporate Governance Rating
Overview of the corporate world in the
emerging market
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Wind Energy-Based Hybrid Power System
Design and implementation of a
frequency controller
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T1w and T2w MRI in Big Data
Fully automated quality control of rigid
and affine registrations
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Quantum Computing and Communications
Faculty Development Programme to understand
the new paradigm
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