Retrofit Lithium-ion Battery
Students across disciplines introduced E-Bike.
Low carbon emission for sustainable environment
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Congrats Khushboo Sharma
Envious internship offer from Adobe with a stipend of 1 lac per month.
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SRM University-AP & Flinders University, Australia Collaborate
It aims to foster research, skill enhancement, advancement of industry engagements and
exchange of students and faculty
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Research Day 2021
Graced By Sri S Somanath, Director, Vikram
Sarabhai Space Centre
Students and faculty were awarded, showcasing exemplary research outcomes.
"Space Science offers huge opportunities for Start-ups, Private, and Government Sector" - Sri S Somanath
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Accentuating Research

Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan
Is Awarded With DST
– SERB Grant
Alleviating healthcare challenges by
augmenting efficacy of antibiotics
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Dr Siva Sankar's
Cutting Edge
Research – Wireless
Data Transmission
Pacing up wireless data transmission using millimeter (mm) wave spectrum
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Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion on
Union Budget 2021-22
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Smart Idea Contest By
Innovation Cell
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Media Panorama