Enriching pedagogy

SRM AP signs MoU with Flinders University to propagate quality education and research

SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh announces the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Flinders University, Australia to foster knowledge creation, skill enhancement, and advancement of industry association. Flinders University, established in 1966, has over 25,000 students and over 2,500 academic and professional staff who promotes an incredible teaching and research ethos. These two universities of global repute purposes to share knowledge, competencies, expertise, and industry partners for their reciprocal benefit. The establishment of a framework for collaboration will enable the enrichment of pedagogy and research to support the propagation of quality education and scientific pursuits.

Exchange of students and participation in student mobility schemes, exchange of faculty members, joint research activities and training, exchange of materials, information and publications, and cooperation in common academic fields are the key driving influences enhancing the collaboration between SRM AP and Flinders University. The alliance is believed to commence opportunities for the students and faculty of SRM AP pertaining to visits, internships, and research collaboration.

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