Internship at Harvard Medical School
BSc Biology student attains six-month
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Microsoft Bounty Award
Pavan Kumar wins $1200 in Microsoft
Bug Bounty Program
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Best Paper Award and Cash Prize
At the International Conference on
Security and Privacy
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1000+ Incredible Opportunities
Global companies line up to snatch
our students
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Invited talk at WSPPTA-2021
Dr Somesh Tewari at Bhabha Atomic Research
Centre (BARC) Facility, Visakhapatnam
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Celebrating the Rivers of India
Revitalizing evening at the bank of river Krishna
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Departmental Lecture Series
DC-DC Converters: Operation, Modelling and
Control for Solar and Wind Applications
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Accentuating Research
Improve Low Light Imaging
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DBT Research Grant
Detoxifying Sewage Dyes at Pilot Scale
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Best Paper Presentation Award
In the PRISM conference held at O.P. Jindal
Global University
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Research Group
On Impact of Shell Thickness on
Photostability Studies
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Dynamic Economic and Emission Dispatch
Integration of Renewable Energy Resources with Demand Side Management
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Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence
Efficient algorithms for dualisation problem for subclasses of Boolean functions
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Engineered Nanoenzymes with Multifunctional Properties
To Improve the Enzyme-like Activity and
Selectivity of the Artificial Enzymes
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STEM-Research Society Best Paper Award
Faculty and Undergraduates Drive Toward Cutting Edge Research
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Distinguished Lecture Series
Prof Dr Marco Aiello on the Origin of Disruptive Technologies
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Session with Uppsala University,
Higher Education Abroad Might be Easier
than you Think
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UDL-14 with Dr Chennupati Jagadish
On Semiconductor Nanostructures for
Optoelectronics Applications
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