MoU with UC-Davis for Global Study Programme
Semester Abroad as special students
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CSE Students Innovate Efficient Plastic Recycling Technology
Blockchain-based autonomous waste collector and storage system
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Mechanical Engineering Students Soar to Ather Energy
Students pitch in ₹10.00 LPA
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Sustainable Transparent "Biofilm" to Replace Plastic Cuvettes
Finding answers to sustainable planet
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Prof U Ramamurty, from NTU Singapore, visits SRMAP
Emphasized the importance of research collaborations to achieve significant scientific goals
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Research Scholar gets Prestigious Scholarship from IRRI
Opportunity to carry out research at IRRI Philippines
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Integration of Science, Engineering and Technology is the key to sustainable development
Prof Indranil Manna explained in the University Distinguished Lecture
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Accentuating Research
Simple and Portable Spectrochemical Probe for Rapid Detection of Chlorides Ions in Water
Wide spectral tunability of NCs to make them a suitable candidate for chloride detection
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Cost-effective Electro-catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Study aims to propose effective design principle for various doped carbon systems as catalysts
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National Conference on "CRISPR/Cas: From Biology to Technology"
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International Conference Partnering Globally
On technologies for smart green connected society
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