Chairman, NEP-2020, Expounds on the Nuances of New Education Policy
AP Education Minister to delve in his views
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Twin Foreign Placement in Maiden Batch
Rajarshi and Saptarshi got placed at PVP Inc, Strategic partner of Google Japan
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Sreelekha, BSc-Physics Student,
Files Patent
Fabric cloths to replace air conditioners
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Northeastern University, Boston Welcomes our Student
Pavan Sai sets sail to heart of major hubs and startups
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SRMAP-American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Collaborative Student Chapter for Knowledge Enhancement
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Answers Regarding Coronavirus
Third Wave
Eminent Virologist Prof C Durga Rao shows the way
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Distribution of Essential Food Commodities
An initiative to aid the underpriviledged
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Accentuating Research
End of Second Wave of COVID - 19
Research reveals waning time in 8 States of India
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A Step towards the Green Energy
Microalgal biomass heralds sustainable biofuel production
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Information-Centric IoT Networks in the Internet Architecture
Redefining machine-to-machine communication
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Search for Compact IEC Systems Traversing Disciplines
Interdisciplinary project in collaboration with INAE
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Study on Alternate Energy Sources
Role of Conductive Nanoparticles in Anaerobic Digestion
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AI&ML in Healthcare
Pfizer-India director explained the scope of technology
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Fly-High Beyond Boundaries
Air Logistics and Related Opportunities
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Looking into the Future
Cloud Operations - Overview and Challenges
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The Future of Technologies
Role of Technology for industry readiness
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