Why join SRM University, Andhra Pradesh

By being part of the AP project, the inaugural leadership and faculty team will have a truly transformative effect, shaping and building a truly world class university.

Aiming to be the leading higher education research university of India, SRM University, Andhra Pradesh will be a key milestone in the process of internationalising research and teaching across the country. The unprecedented government support for such a project, alongside the guidance of international academics that are passionate about SRM University ensures that the institution’s potential is based upon a solid and stable foundation.

The institution would provide a stimulating and inspiring environment with a liberal research startup grant up to INR 50 lakhs, sponsored overseas conferences, opportunities for collaborative research within India and abroad, balanced teaching hours to focus on research, performance based incentives, and IP rights. In addition, accommodation will be provided in campus or nearby.

SRM University, Andhra Pradesh has inked a collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, for the design and development of curriculum through use of MITx courses. This will create a platform for faculty to participate in annual design camps that will aid them to learn techniques to blend MITx courses with relevant local content so as to ensure effective delivery. It has also collaborated with UC Berkeley, U.S., for design, innovation and entrepreneurship.