Dr Supriya Daniel, english facultyOne cannot decline the fact that English has established itself as a language of global Communication, and undoubtedly, has the largest number of non-native users. Over the last few decades, with the advancements in Science and Technology and strengthening of International relations, there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of users of English all around the world.

The Department of English at SRM University-AP attempts to cater to the needs and requirements of the emerging modern world. The Department offers BA English in two different modes, i.e., a three year Degree Course and a four year degree Course where the fourth year is optional. The extended fourth year specialises a student in any one domain of English Language or Literature as per the interest of the candidate. Adding strength to the research, the backbone of any drastic development, competence of the Department is further fuelled by the PhD programmes where the young scholars are encouraged to pursue research in various areas such as World Literature, Indian Writing in English, Translation Studies, English Language Teaching, New Language Teaching Pedagogies, Linguistics, Poetry, and a few more interesting inter-disciplinary avenues.

The Department of English has been actively and remarkably contributing to the University’s other Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees, and Research Programmes by offering several Elective, Minor, and Allied Courses; thus, enriching the standards of educational goals, objectives and most importantly addressing the educational desires, curiosities and needs of students at SRM University- AP.

Dr. Supriya Daniel,
Faculty Co-ordinator, English Department, SRM University AP