It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Physics, SRM University – AP. The Department of Physics is excellence in both teaching and Research. The Department conducts programs at the Bachelor's, as well as at the Doctoral Research levels. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honours). The course will offer a strong base in physics and allow students to develop skills in solving numerical and to do new experiments. Students will be allowed to choose six foundation courses. These courses can be from humanity, social science, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. The faculty members are highly experienced and successful in research, bringing the advance science to their lectures and practical lab classes. The research areas of the department include experimental condensed matter physics, materials, optical and laser physics, and theoretical and computational physics. The Department’s national and international collaboration is strong and improving. The faculty are doing their best in the training students and has a commendable track record in obtaining external funding for their research. The high-quality research works though high-impact journals speak the story. We will cross every milestone in the timeline.

Target to follow the following milestone

1. Top class students with respect to knowledge, skill and discipline
2. 40 % of students in higher study, 40 % in industry jobs and 20 % in the choice-based
working area
3. Strong in teaching and learning process. Availability of teaching materials in the
university repository
4. Focused curriculum and problem-based courses help to qualify the competitive exam
5. Strong in both fundamental and application based research.
6. Twenty-five funded projects from Govt. and Industry sector by October 2021
7. High quality publications and Patents in various research areas.
8. Activities through organizing school, workshop, faculty development program and international

Prof. Ranjit Thapa
Head, Department of Physics
SRM University – AP
Andhra Pradesh