Research Areas

Dr. Shoji D. Thottathil

Research Areas

1. Carbon Biogeochemistry of Aquatic Ecosystems

2. Methane Emissions from inland waters

3. Landscape-level regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in tropical streams and rivers

Study Sites:

Krishna River basin


Multiparameter water quality analyzer

Miniature Spectrofluorometer

Water Flow Meter


Global Position System

Dr. Karthik Rajendran

Research Areas

1. Techno-Economic Analysis

2. Biogas Production

3. Resource and Energy Recovery

4. Sustainability Assessment

5. Biofuels and Bioenergy Technologies

6. Organic Solid Waste Treatment


Walk-in Incubator

Horizontal Autoclave

Water Purification System


Nephelo Turbidity meter

Dr. Lakhveer Singh

Research Areas

1. Bioelectrochemical and Bioreactor systems

2. Energy production and water treatment

3. Nano materials

4. Green Chemistry


Walk-in Incubator

UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Water bath

TDS meter

Hot Air oven

Dr. Pankaj Pathak

Research Areas

1. Solid Waste Management

2. Waste to Energy & Circular economy

3. E-waste recycling and metal recovery

4. Geochemistry


Laminar Airflow

BOD Incubator

Incubator Shaker

Weighing balance

pH meter