Dear prospective students and parents,

Today in India’s international marketplace, the English language has become the single most important skill for job placement and success. People who master English and communication skills will earn on average 33% more than people of equal education without these skills. Managers in industry have been reporting for years that they no longer look for new hires who were trained in their industry, but that today they need people who can effectively communicate in a global marketplace.

Our program here at SRM AP is focused on developing our students’ English language skills, critical thinking skills, and reading comprehension. The faculty in the English department are experts in language and literature who each bring a specialized focus to their teaching. Here our students learn how to successfully communicate their ideas across a variety of mediums, learn how to read and appreciate global literature, and learn how Indian history and literature contribute to humanities vast international landscape.

I appreciate you coming by and looking at our program. I encourage you to reach out to myself or one of our faculty members if you have any questions. We are all very happy to speak with you,

Marc Howard Rich
Ph.D University of Colorado, Boulder USA.
Associate Professor and Department Chair
English Department
SRM University AP