Department of Physics

Physics is the most fundamental science that deals with the properties and interactions of matter and radiation. Understanding the world around us, including the modern technological advancements, is based on centuries of developments in physics. As such, physics provides the basis for all applied sciences and technologies.

Currently the Department of Physics at SRM University-AP, Amaravati offers the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Ph.D. graduate program in physics. The B.Sc. with Physics major (or minor) program gives the students a solid foundation of concept and problem-solving ability with which they are able to solve real world problems by modeling it and design it with the application of new experimental techniques. This can lead to a variety of other careers, which the students can choose after the completion of the program. The department also encourages research opportunities for undergraduate students, as well as graduate students, in several areas of experimental and computational/theoretical physics. The undergraduate students can pursue their careers with a Physics major, and choosing any two minors from Computer science, Mathematics and Chemistry. A degree in Physics with such combinations opens up new avenues for careers in areas such as industrial research and development, semiconductor engineering, medical physics, software and information technologies, etc.  

Degrees Offered 

  • B.Sc. in Physics 
  • Ph.D. in Physics