Department of Physics

The world of Physics involves the science of movement, matter and radiation. Physics is considered one of the widest disciplines of Science that encompasses a plethora of concepts beginning at Mechanics to LED’s. In short, Physics provides us the fundamental basis for all applied sciences and technologies of our day to day life. 

SRM Amaravati offers today’s student with a comprehensive, exhaustive and practice-oriented learning in Physics in the form of Undergraduate (B.Sc.) and Doctorate (Ph.D) degrees. The B.Sc. with Physics program gives the students a solid foundation of concept and problem-solving ability on which they would be able to solve real world problems by modelling and designing solutions with the application of new experimental techniques.  

The degree also touches base with the other necessary branches of Science. Any candidate pursuing the program can pursue Foundation courses and Minors in other disciplines within School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences, thereby making this a well-rounded offering of Science equally rich in knowledge of other branches. 

The applications of Physics in daily life are many, leading to an assortment of job opportunities awaiting any candidate who successfully completes the degree. Industrial Research and Development, Semiconductor Engineering, Medical Physics, Software and Information Technologies are just a few example of exciting avenues awaiting your call. 

Degrees Offered 

  • B.Sc. in Physics 
  • Ph.D. in Physics