Department of Computer Science

One of the fastest developing fields of science that is relatively new in comparison to the others, Computer Science cannot be underestimated as a nascent branch of science. The paradigm shift caused by this field single-handedly is nothing less than phenomenal. India being one of the central IT hubs is thanks to this one field of study – Computer Science. 

Undergraduate B.Sc (Hons.) Computer Science at SRM AP is offered in view of prospective students. In addition to the elemental skill of programming and operating computers, this program exposes its graduates to deeper understanding of the principles of real-world computer systems, both in theoretical and application aspects. Doctorates (Ph.D.) are also offered to those aspirants who wish to master the science in its different aspects and excel in its respective fields of work. 

Students may also branch out to the other fields within School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences in the form of Foundation courses and Minors. 

The program offers specialization in high demand areas of IT and ITES industries. The curriculum is designed to train the students to fit to the intense standards required in the fastest-growing industry sectors, such as BPO Technologies, System Administration and Networking, Web Programming Technologies and Mobile APP Development Technologies. These are in other words the very infrastructure backbone of our society in the future. 

Needless to say, one can effortlessly envision the various and practically unlimited number of opportunities from dream companies floating your way following the completion of the course. We at SRM AP leave no stone unturned and you will gain exposure to a variety case scenarios which give you an edge that could land you into one of those major MNC’s that other would only dream of getting a job from. 

Degrees Offered 

  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Computer Science
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science