Welcome to department of chemistry at SRM-AP, Andrapradesh. Our aim is to provide a world class environment in terms of education, work culture, and research. The department was established in the year 2017, and from 2018 onwards, we have started offering undergraduate program. Our undergraduate program offers an innovative research based curriculum that provides students with outstanding training in a wide display of chemical disciplines including analytical, biological, environmental, inorganic, materials, organic, physical, and theoretical chemistry. During the program, all the students will have chance to work with faculty on cutting edge problems. The knowledge and skill that a student gains at the end of the program will be highly useful for his/her professional development.

As a department, we are enthusiastic to do very best science. Thus, we also offer Ph.D. program with a large interest on highly innovative and environmentally benign research. The faculty members in our department are highly experienced,motivated young researchers, obtained their Ph.D. from the best institutions and also trained in the best research labs in the world. Within a short period of 3 years, we have established computational, material, organic synthesis and colloidal chemistry labs. DST TARE and INSPIRE faculty projects are currently ongoing in our department. Besides, a collaborative project worth of 1 Crore with Amaraja Battery Center is also initiated.

We always welcome the bright young minds to join the Chemistry Department as undergraduate or research student. We are also happy in inviting application from highly young talented researchers to sail with us to reach their milestones. Please look at the recent news and activities in our department page for more information.

Best Regards
Dr. S. Mannathan
Associate Professor
Head of the Department-Chemistry