Undergraduate Programme

We offer 3-year Bachelor of Science in Mathematics honours. Our BSc (Hons.) course is a unique program which is designed to preserve the spirit of learning-applying-modelling. The whole course is divided in to four categories: (a) Foundation courses, (b) Core courses, (c) Elective courses offered from Mathematics department, and (d) Courses offered from allied departments. This structure is helping the student to explore an overall theory-practice-application of Mathematics in science and technology. Along with the regular classroom learning, the Mathematics department organizing weekly seminar for the students to develop the culture of mathematical research and higher learning. To substantiate the higher education learning and industry based research, the department provide the training in both theory and numerical computation using different computer languages.

Curriculum & Syllabus

Learn more about required the Credits to graduate - semester-wise divisions, along with the Curriculum & Syllabus.


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