The Department of Environmental Science at SRM University-AP is the place where diverse aspects of Human – Environment interactions are explored under one scholarly roof. Our department encompasses perhaps the broadest spectrum of research areas /disciplines in the School of Engineering and Science (SEAS) at SRM University-AP. Study Ecology and Biogeochemistry of terrestrial and/or aquatic systems to understand ecosystem response to ongoing global climate change and anthropogenic pressures. Specialize in energy production, water treatment and nano-catalyst synthesis for a sustainable future. Go the techno-economic analysis route for a sustainable bioeconomy. Or looking for a career in solid waste management to reduce environmental burden. Any direction you choose, our department provides a unique platform to stimulate students’ passion under the supervision of highly dynamic faculty members looking at today’s most important societal needs. Other than Foundation Course in Environmental Science across all undergraduate disciplines, we offer the minor programme on Environmental Sustainability, wide range of Open Elective courses and PhD programme in Environmental Science with a broad spectrum of specialization: Carbon Biogeochemistry of Aquatic Ecosystems, Terrestrial ecology and carbon sequestration, Hydrology and water resource management, Bioelectrochemical Systems for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals, Nanomaterials for sustainable applications, Bioenergy Production, Energy and Material Recovery, Techno-economic analysis and Life Cycle Assessment, Process design and System analysis, Wastewater treatment and reuse, Resource recovery from urban wastes, and Solid waste management.