B.Sc. Computer Science (Hons).

The Bachelor of Science is intended for students wishing to study computer science, enter computer field, attend a graduate program in the computer sciences, or get started in research. The undergraduate minor is intended for students with an interest in Computer Science, but only enough time to complete a few courses.

B.Sc. Computer Science (Hons). is one of the most popular programs in the IT domain. This field has the potential to propel your career. It is a consistently growing field with a large variety of job opportunities as the industry and demand grows. This undergraduate program that deals with the subjects and topics related to computer science, computer application and its services. It is a three year long program and has been specifically designed for aspirants looking for a career in computers. The course covers all aspects of computers right from the basic fundamentals of computers to database systems & advanced courses like C++, Java etc.


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