Computer Science and Engineering is a fast evolving discipline and this is an exciting time to become a Computer Scientist! We are living in the midst of an extraordinary transformation of the way we live, powered by computers. This transformation has impacted every aspect of society – from communication, manufacturing, transportation, medical care, governance, education, entertainment, and social interactions. Our curriculum prepares the student by providing a rigorous foundation in the discipline, exposure to emerging areas that are gaining wide application and relevance such as AI, Data Analytics and Information Security through elective offerings, mastery of the concepts through projects and assignments, experience in real-world applications and practices through industry internships, and exposure to ongoing research problems and the methodology of research and innovation through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Undergraduate Programme

COMING SOON The Bachelor of Science is intended for students wishing to study biology, enter medical school, attend a graduate program in the sciences, or get started in research. The undergraduate minor is intended for students with an interest in Biology, but only enough time to complete a few courses.

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Postgraduate Programme

COMING SOON The coterm program is intended for current Stanford undergraduates with an interest in simultaneously obtaining a Master's degree in Biology.

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