HOD's Message

Civil Engineers have become an essential part of society facilitating several services including the provision of drinking water and transport facilities, analysing soil stability, and providing and establishing various infrastructure facilities to live within an ambitious atmosphere. Therefore, The education of the next generation of Civil engineers is paramount to rendering improved services to society. Our activities and mission can be grouped into three categories - Teaching, Research and Service. Every component of our mission is influenced by our desire to serve our students better. Research activity in the Department has experienced an upsurge, and we provide undergraduate students with better opportunities to become outstanding leaders in their chosen domains. We help our profession and country by sharing knowledge and better-serving society.

The primary objective of the Department is to attain national and international recognition in terms of academics and high-quality research excellence, making it the top choice for graduate students looking to further their studies, as well as potential faculty members looking to advance their careers.

Our Department offers Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy Programmes. The Department recently introduced a unique specialisation relevant to the current era, "Computer-aided Structural Engineering," to nurture students as per industry needs. The students and faculty members of the Department are passionate about high-quality research activities to meet the present expectations of our society.

Our well-equipped advanced academic and research laboratories are on par with modern Civil Engineers and research activities. The department has continuously updated the curriculum to balance theoretical, practical, industry needs, and project-based adaptive learning. The Department also encourages students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge that leads to innovation and entrepreneurship by working in a diverse environment.

I encourage you to visit our website and see the changes, excitement, and opportunities our department offers.

- Dr. GVP Bhagat Singh
Assistant Professor and HOD, Civil Engineering