HOD's Message

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering's website! It describes the academic, research, and professional activities of our faculty and students. Whether you are looking for the" right" university to continue your education, or would like to know more about our programme, we hope this website will provide everything you want to know about our activities, our programs, and life at SRM University.

On a daily basis, our lives are touched and affected by many facets of what Civil Engineers contribute to society. From drinking water to the environment we live in, from transporting goods, commodities and people from one point to another to designing efficient transportation systems, from the structures of our homes to the places we work and play, in one way or another all are touched and influenced by the work and dedication of a cadre of Civil and Environmental Engineers. Educating the future generation of civil engineers is therefore critical to our lives. Serving our main clientele, namely our students, shapes everything we do. Our activities and mission fall into three categories – teaching, research, and service. Each component of our mission is influenced by our desire to serve our students better. Research activities in the department have seen a surge, and with that, we are providing better opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students to be Worlds Ahead in their field. We are helping our profession and nation by sharing our knowledge and better serving the society.

We are proud of our facilities and laboratories. I encourage you to visit us and see the changes, excitement and opportunities our department has to offer.

- Dr. GVP Bhagat Singh
Assistant Professor and HOD, Civil Engineering