SRM University-AP and Harvard Business School Online collaborate for MBA Programmes

SRM University-AP collaborates with Harvard Business School Online to offer high-impact online courses to its management students. Eliminating the difference between borders and nations, the university is focused on providing global exposure to the students and opportunities to upskill themselves with a gamut of courses to stay relevant in the ever-changing economy. Students already enrolled in flagship programmes and courses of SRM University-AP such as the School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies will now have an added advantage to enhance their calibres with the global association.

The collaboration with Harvard Business School Online reflects international unison in these unprecedented times and is further offering different programmes such as Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, Financial Accounting, COR-e(Credentials of Readiness-e) and others. These programmes are integrated with the regular courses of SRM University-AP such as BBA , MBA.

Harvard Business School Online offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts. The online certificate and credential programmes are offered via Harvard Business School Online’s innovative virtual platform and are designed to bring the Harvard Business School classroom experience to life. The Harvard Business School Online courses put participants at the centre of the learning experience. The learning model is built around three key characteristics: active, case-based, and social learning.

SRM University-AP has curated a gamut of programmes for its students, alumni and faculty and is further supporting their educational aspirations by providing them with Scholarships and Financial aids. Financial assistance will help students & alumni to enrol for their desired business courses without having to miss out on the opportunities due to monetary constraints.

Encouraging students who have multi-disciplinary skills and motivating them to upgrade themselves while getting additional support from global peer learning groups, SRM University-AP is preparing them to become industry-ready professionals.

The focus of Harvard Business School Online courses is to enhance students’ proficiency and skillset in various verticals. The aim here is to share international standard content with the students which will not only prepare them for the future and open an array of career paths for them but also ensure that they will receive quality lessons and content that is needed to be successful in the ever-growing professional world.

The Harvard Business School Online collaboration will help SRM University-AP participants to engage in Real-World Learning with a global community of peers.