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40 Patents
S. No. Name of the Faculty Title Application No Status Date Remarks
1 Dr. Sandeep Singh Sengar Artificial Intelligence based detection of violence through surveillance camera 201911033264 Published 18.08.2019
2 Dr. Jatindra Kumar Dash Method of fuzzy inference model control for an injection moulding machine 201911023848 Published 27.12.2019
3 Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan A Novel Secure Architecture Model for Smart and User-friendly Banking System 201941049454 Published 20.12.2019
4 Dr. Jatindra Kumar Dash Computer Implemented Method for Fingerprint Recognition using Filtering Techniques 201941053267 Published 27.12.2019
5 Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan Smart Military Equipment Logistic System using Blockchain Technology 202011002478 Published 31.01.2020
6 Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan CYBERNETIC PLANT 202041009615 Published 13.03.2020
7 Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan AN IOT BASED INTELLIGENT FOOD STORAGE SYSTEM 202041018273 Published 05.06.2020
8 Dr Sriramulu Bojagani & Dr Dinesh reddy vemmula A Secure End-to-End IoT-based micro-payment protocol for wearable devices with formal verification. 202041045387 Published 30.10.2020
9 Dr Morampudi Mahesh Kumar and Dr V Dinesh Reddy A Variational Auto-Encoder Convolutional Neural Network (VAE-CNN) model to identify the prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy disease 202141020520 Published 11.06.2021
11 Dr Priyanka Singh, THAKKAR, Hiren Kumar, SWARNKAR, Mayank SHUKLA, Hrushikesh Nitin A MALWARE DETECTION SYSTEM TO IDENTIFY MALICIOUS FILES AND A METHOD THEREOF 202241000989 Applied 07.01.2022
12 Dr Sriramulu Bojjagani Edge Computing Based Low Computational Image Processing System for Intruder Detection 202241001728 Applied 12.01.2022
13 Dr. Manikantan, YADLAPALLI, Sai Harshini, KONDAPALLY, Jagruth RAVI, Srihitha CHAUHAN, Shikha A NOVEL VIDEO RETRIEVAL SYSTEM AND METHOD BASED ON TEXTUAL INFORMATION 202241002653 Applied 17.01.2022
14 Dr. V.M, Manikandan, B. Padmaja A REVERSIBLE DATA HIDING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMAGE TRANSMISSION 202241002654 Applied 17.01.2022
S. No. Name of the Faculty Title Application No Status Date Remarks
1 Dr. Karthikeyan Elumalai A Computer Implemented Method For Identification Of System Parameters Using Multi Objective Optimization Technique 202041016800 Published 18.09.2020
2 Dr. Karthikeyan Elumalai A Computer Implemented Method For Identification Of System Parameters Using Convex Optimization Technique 202041016799 Published 18.09.2020
3 Dr. Ramesh Vaddi, jointly with IIITNR A Multimodal Learning Framework and Method for Early Diagnosis and Accurate Classification of COVID-19 Patients Using Deep Learning Techniques 202121043052 Published 03.12.2021
4 Dr. Shivashankar and BTech Students Personal Security and Alarm Device and Security System especially for Women, based on LoRA ( Long R Range) and GPS ( Global Positioning System) 202141043298 Published 01.10.2021
6 Dr. Udaya Sankar A system and method with Matrix enabled Road distress classification with reduced computational complexity and reduced memory requirements 202141056542 Published 10.12.2021
7 Dr. Anirban Ghosh CHEBROLU,
Tanishq Taraka Sai VELLAMPALLI,
Aditya Medha Venkata Subrahmanya
A WEARABLE FACE SHIELD 202241000990 Published 21.01.2022
S. No. Name of the Faculty Title Application No Status Date Remarks
1 Dr G S Vinod Kumar A Process for Preparing Magnesium Foams 202041001715 Published 24.01.2020
2 Dr Prakash Kashiram Jadhav Abradable Coatings for gas turbine blades and a method for manufacturing the same' 202041036008 Published 21.08.2020
3 Dr Prakash Kashiram Jadhav Hybrid Composite material for Gas Turbine Blades and a method for Manufacturing the same 202041049927 Published 27.11.2020
4 Dr G S Vinod Kumar Closed Cell Aluminium foam product formed from molten metal with Zirconium Boride as stabilizing agent' 202041049984 Published 27.11.2020
5 Dr Sheela Singh Chromium Aluminium Carbide (Cr2AlC) MAX Phase composite coatings for automotive applications and a method for making the same 202141017480 Published 23.04.2021
6 Shaik Hassan, Meghana Bonthu, Jithin Peram, Muvvala Bhargava Vijaya Kumar, Sutharsan Govindarajan, Dr Panchagnula Jayaprakash Sharma, Dr Venkata Narasimham Nori A Comprehensive disinfection system during Pandemic for personal items and protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard people 202141017527 Published 23.04.2021
7 Dr G S Vinod Kumar A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING LEAD-FREE BRASS 201941047506 Published 28.05.2021
8 Dr G S Vinod Kumar, Dr Dipak Bhosale Closed cell Magnesium alloy foams stabilized by fly ash particles and a method for preparation of the same 202141040322 Published 17.09.2021
9 Dr Prakash Jhadav A BLADE FOR A ROTARY MACHINE AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE BLADE 202141055208 Published 10.12.2021
S. No. Name of the Faculty Title Application No Status Date Remarks
1 Dr Goutam Kumar Dalapati A Heat – Resistant Cup of an Earmuff for Thermal Shock Protection and Method of Fabrication 201941047185 Published 03.01.2020
2 Dr Sabyasachi Mukhopadyay Poly Dimethyl Siloxane (PDMS) microchannel based nanoscale devices that effectively measure electron transport at single layer of molecules and a method for manufacture of the same 202141017530 Published 23.04.2021
3 Dr Sabyasachi Mukhopadyay A fibre material with moisture retention capacity with thermal tolerance and a method for manufacture 202141023375 Applied 11.06.2021
4 Dr Ranjit Thapa & Samadhan Kapse Highly Stable Ruthenium Single-Atom Catalysts on Fe3O4/MWCNTs for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 202141033582 Applied 26.05.2021
5 Dr Pranab Mandal A method and set-up for characterization of temperature dependence of impedance, relative dielectric 202141051103 08.11.2021 19.11.2021
S. No. Name of the Faculty Title Application No Status Date Remarks
1 Dr Nimai Mishra and Research scholars Ultra Stable and Highly Luminescent Green-Emitting Cesium Lead Bromide (CsPbBr3) Perovskite Nanocrystals and a method for achieving it using Amine Free Colloidal Synthesis 202141040020 Published 10.09.2021
2 Dr Nimai Mishra and Reserach scholars Cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals with Improved photo luminescence and stability properties 202141043103 Published 01.10.2021
3 Dr Nimai Mishra Enhancement of photoluminescence and stability of red-emitting cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals via post-synthetic surface treatment by ascorbic acid 202141056603 Published 10.12.2021
S. No. Name of the Faculty Title Application No Status Date Remarks
1 Dr Anil K. Suresh Synthesis and manufacture of resourceful nano particles with larger volume and weight using intact eggshell bio-waste as dual remediation and waste-management 202141004645 Published 03.02.2021
2 Dr Anil K. Suresh A SPECFILM AND A METHOD FOR ITS PREPARATION 202141051133 08.11.2021 19.11.2021