Multidisciplinary Research

SRM University, AP, Amaravati encourages and supports an active research community within a multidisciplinary environment. The university is committed to academic fellowships and building a research culture that faces head on global challenges in fields where different disciplines intersect such as medical, technology driven industries, environmental sciences and high-value engineering.  Our continuing investment in facilities, specialized equipment and tools helps to drive research across disciplines.

Technology Transfer

A dedicated research program at SRM AP makes learning more meaningful and productive.  Our researchers connect with talent and resources in a given region, build partnerships to promote a range of services including sponsored research collaborations, promote the use of research facilities for community welfare, and technology licensing. We are also working on intellectual property rights for our research accomplishments.

Investment and Commercialization

SRM University, AP, Amaravati is invested in the commercialization process whereby new ideas and inventions make a seamless transfer from our laboratory to the industry.