Kanyaka Yesasvi, Jaya Vinay Namgiri, Payeli Indra Kiran Kumar, three vibrant students from the Department of Computer Science Engineering get placed in the reputed digital and product engineering services and solutions company Accolite Digital with an exciting CTC of 11LPA.

Accolite Digital, founded in 2007, is a cutting-edge, best-in-class digital transformation services company that has successfully delivered design-driven challenging digital transformation efforts to Fortune 500 companies. They accomplish so by using a network of talented and passionate technologists to simplify their clients’ digital journeys through human-centric design and product innovation Accolite Digital is able to generate compelling business outcomes and when applied to any organisation, this encourages cross-team collaboration to drive transformed digital experiences. Their agile product innovation strategy speeds up design and development while offering a high return on investment.

The curriculum of SRM university-AP consists of training for placements beginning from the second year of graduate studies. It helps students to plan for the recruitment drive beforehand. The curriculum of placement consists of CCC training where students are divided into batches given individual attention on respective domains.

Let’s look into what our students say:

Kanyaka Yesasvi:
When I got to know that I received an offer in Accolite Digital as a software engineer I was overwhelmed with happiness. From July till date more than 80 companies visited us. Every day we are applying to multiple organisations through our placement cell. I am grateful to SRM University for giving me extraordinary opportunities to launch my career.

Payeli Indra Kiran Kumar:
The CR&CS department gives training on all important aspects required for us to crack the placement, like coding classes, contests, mock interviews, mock GD etc. I started preparing for the interviews using the materials provided by CCC. The faculty in my CSE department helped in all possible ways that they can. I suggest to juniors to make use of all the opportunities provided by the university and learn core subjects like DSA, OS, DBMS and CN for cracking super dream placement offers.

Jaya Vinay Namgiri:
Acceleration bootcamp provided by CCC helped me brush up on my coding skills and made me ready to face the companies in the Placement drive 2022. I thank the placement team for providing a helpdesk virtually in spite of this covid situation. That cleared all my doubts and helped me to plan accordingly. I would like to suggest my juniors develop any one project of their interest every year so that at the end of the third year they will be ready to face the recruitment drive.

SRM University-AP celebrates the birthday of Founder Chancellor Dr T R Paarivendhar as Founder’s Day on August 24, 2021, at 10.00 am. The inauguration of Prerana Vanam, a week-long (Aug 24-29) event of planting trees across the university will be held as part of the celebrations. Dr M Malakondaiah IPS, former Director-General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, will be the chief guest of the day. Vice-Chancellor Prof Vajja Sambasiva Rao; Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof D Narayana Rao; Dr Vinayak Kalluri, Registrar; and Wg Cmdr Venkataachalam Sekkappan, Director-CLM will address the gathering.

About our Founder Chancellor:
The Founder Chancellor of the SRM Group, Dr T R Paarivendhar, is also a Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha from the Perambalur Constituency, Tamilnadu. He was awarded an honorary doctorate (honoris causa) from Birmingham City University for his contribution to the field of Engineering and Technical Education. Dr Paarivendhar has published an anthology titled “Paarivendhar Kavithaikal”. He has been in the social and cultural forefront in donating toward the contribution for the cyclone-affected States like `Gaja Cyclone` in Tamil Nadu and flood-affected States- Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, and for the earthquake-affected State Gujarat. More than crores of Rupees have been donated for the development of the affected areas in the respective States.

The Department of Mathematics is organising the first episode of the Distinguished Lecture Series on September 15, 2021, Wednesday, at 6.30 pm. Prof Suman Chakraborty from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, will deliver a lecture titled “Flipping with the Flow – Perspectives of Puzzling Fluid Dynamics and Human Health”.

Abstract of the Lecture:
Over the past century, advancements in fluid dynamics hallmarked deeper studies on complex fluids, though. Fluid dynamics of blood, possibly the most critical complex fluid impacting human lives, is primarily dictated by red blood cells (RBCs) that are flexible biconcave discs spending their lives suspended in blood plasma that is elusively more complex than simple water. Commonly, RBCs stack together to form structures called rouleaux like cylindrical packs of coins that reform continuously. Contrary to intuition, instead of clogging, such reforms result in the easier flow of blood as it passes through extremely narrow channels. An influential theoretical premise of blood flow has been rationalizing this by drawing analogies of RBCs with compound liquid droplets in which the cytoplasm is more viscous than the outer fluid that triggers a series of complex shape transitions. However, a stiffening of RBC membranes under certain conditions contradicts this analogy and may alter ATP release that happens due to shape deformation. This may signify specific diseased conditions and influence a plethora of ailments ranging from cardiovascular irregularities to cancer metastasis. The role of unique flexibility of microvasculature and morphology of the microenvironment, dynamical signals of pressure pulsation and disease-specific blood rheology make it extremely deceptive and patient-specific and difficult to model within the known territories of expertise of fluid dynamics.

Prof Suman Chakraborty will discuss here various computational, in-vitro and in-vivo studies conducted in his research group that have attempted to address some of the pertinent outstanding questions, unresolved paradoxes, and will present a deeper challenge that makes even ‘simple’ blood flow strikingly more complicated than its intuitive analogy of pipe flow in engineering fluid mechanics. He will also suggest a way forward with a convergence of physics-based modelling and data science, where blood flow is not merely perceived as an ‘inert’ physical phenomenon but recognized as an exclusive hallmark of ‘life’ with all individualism intrinsic to humans.

About the Speaker:
Prof Suman Chakraborty received the prestigious Santi Swaroop Bhatnagar Prize and became the youngest Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. He has also been a Fellow at the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS), and Indian National Academy of Science (NASI), in addition to being the recipient of the Indo-US Research Fellowship. He is also a recipient of the Scopus Young Scientist Award given by Elsevier for high citations in his research publications, the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (2005), and the Young Scientist/Young Engineer Award from various National Academies. He has been bestowed with the Fellowship of the American Physical Society, the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Fellowship of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Join this educational session on September 15, 2021, at 6.30 pm to gain insights from the field expert.

Register here :https://srmap.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_qxuYML8uT9ayuzH1LtJO4A

Bandi Veda Sahithi from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Sreeja Y from the Department of Computer Science Engineering have been placed at ZS Associates with an exciting CTC of 14.35 LPA.

Students started their preparation two months prior to the month of placements (approximately April-May and placements started in July). Following a disciplined timetable, and the CCC training given by the university, students have achieved their dream job offers! As Sreeja Y is a Computer Science Engineering Student, she mainly focused on DSA, DBMS, OOPs, OS and Aptitude (sources she used to prepare are Geekofgeeks, YouTube, Hackerrank, Leetcode for coding, W3schools).

The Curriculum for placement provides intensive training for 1 and a half month where the students receive CCC training, Domain training (TIME), and Aptitude training. The CCC Classes helped students understand DSA concepts and apply those concepts in coding. In the Domain training students were taught DSA, CN, OOPs, OS and it helped them further in SQL, DBMS concepts.

Sreeja expresses her gratitude for the guidance, training and sources of knowledge she received from SRM University-AP. “Approximately 75 companies lined up for recruitment in a month. Placement Cell really gives us great and wide opportunities to achieve our goals.” “The placement cell is a wonderful interactive platform that connects various companies with the university, providing abundant opportunities”, added Veda Sahithi.

Have you ever encountered an App having Special mentions by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi in Mann ki Baat; Hon’ble Education Minister, Dr R Pokhriyal; Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge; Ministry of Education; Digital India; Reputed Newspapers like India Times, The Indian EXPRESS, Business Standard, etc.?

All in one? Yes, In a single app!

If not, then would you like to hear this amazing success story by none other than the Co-founder of this App? We heard you!

SRM Entrepreneurship Cell brings you the IndustryMIC series with our special guest Mr Snehanshu Gandhi, Co-Founder of Kaagaz Scanner, who will share his successful Entrepreneurship Journey. The event is scheduled for August 22, 2021, at 04.00 pm (IST).

Mr Snehanshu Gandhi is an Alumni of IIT Bombay and the Indian School of Business with multiple entrepreneurial achievements. Kaagaz Scanner App is an Indian document scanning and storage mobile app (android & iOS) launched in June 2020 as an alternative to the banned Chinese app Camscanner by a team of three seasoned entrepreneurs, alumni of IIT’s and AIT Pune.

Keen to know about this successful Entrepreneurship Journey? Hurry Up!

This event will be hosted by the President of SRM E-Cell, Mr Mohammed Khizar Baig.

JOIN US NOW AT:https://srmap.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Gvspgez0Soq8C9qUGbqt3A

The higher studies committee of SRM University-AP is conducting a webinar on Aug 21, 2021, at 5.00 pm to steer students to the right paths of higher education. The session on the topic “Opportunities in Erasmus Mundus Programme” will be led by invited Indian representatives of the Erasmus Mundus programme, Elsa Mathews and Sarath Kumar. The presentation aims to make students aware of the scholarship opportunities available to our students.

Elsa Mathews holds Masters in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies from Université Stendhal, Grenoble, France and the University of Aarhus, Denmark. She has worked for organisations like the Embassy of France in India and the United Nations. She has recently translated a book from French to English titled: Indian Chronicles: Marguerite de Bure, Letters from a French Woman in Bombay 1902-1904. The project was supported by the Publication Assistance Programme of the French Institute in India.

Third-country students and EU/EEA students who have applied to and been accepted to the Euroculture Master Course can benefit from the Erasmus Mundus Program, which grants EU-funded scholarships. The student stipend covers the costs of participation, as well as a monthly living allowance and a contribution to travel and installation expenses. During the 24-month programme, each grantee will receive EUR 1,000 per month for living expenses. The scholarship also includes a contribution to travel and installation, as well as Euroculture participation charges of EUR 9.000 (EU students)/18.000 (non-EU students) in two instalments, as well as health insurance coverage for 24 months.

All students are invited to this beneficial webinar on August 21, 2021, at 5.00 pm.

Dr Balaga Mohana Rao, Assistant Professor from the Department of Economics has been awarded the best PhD thesis award in the 59th IIT Bombay convocation held on August 07, 2021. The thesis titled The Early Warnings of the Impending Currency Crises and the Ensuing Macroeconomic Costs aims to develop an Early Warning System to identify the Currency Crises that would help in preventing an impending crisis and also in mitigating the devastating aftermath effects if that occurred.

The financial crises have enthused a huge theoretical and empirical debate in current times due to their recurrent nature in the history of economics. To highlight the importance of an economic crisis among various sections, Kaminsky et al. (1998) quote Kindleberger (1978) saying that academics are interested in a crisis as they have had a history of fascination for the crises, policymakers are interested because they want to prevent the crisis, and financial market participants are interested as they can make money out of it. The financial crises can be divided into two broad categories—currency and sudden stop crises, and debt and banking crises. The currency crises have not only swept away Argentina (2001), Brazil (1998–1999), Latin America (the 1980s), Russia (1998), Southeast Asia (1997) and UK (1992) (to name a few) but they also have caused serious economic adversities to India and BRICS in the recent past. A currency crisis encompasses one of the following four features or a combination of them owing to a speculative attack—both successful and unsuccessful attacks—on a currency: A sharp depreciation of a currency (possibly followed by devaluation) and/or huge depletion of foreign exchange reserves or an increase in interest rates by the central bank or imposing restrictions on capital flows. In this context, Dr Balaga Mohana Rao’s thesis focuses on developing an early warning system to identify the impending crises, finding the common determinants of currency crises and the aftermath effects on macroeconomic indicators.

“One may wonder why the crisis should be prevented or mitigated. The reason is that a full-blown crisis will not be just confined to the foreign exchange market or some other segment, but it will affect the whole economy” Dr Balaga said. He plans to extend his PhD work on Currency Crises and see it in the context of the International Price System.

The Department of Civil Engineering is conducting the first episode of the Distinguished Lecture Series on August 27, 2021, from 9.30 am to 11.00 am. Dr Amarnath CB, Head-BIM Strategy, L&T Construction, is the guest speaker who will deliver a lecture on the title “Managing construction sector projects with BIM”. Global trends, use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the project life cycle, and career perspectives (higher education, job market, and start-up) will all be discussed during the presentation.

About the Speaker:

Dr Amarnath C B is serving as Head – BIM Strategy at Larsen & Toubro. Over the course of his career, he held positions in India, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, and the UK. He is playing an active role in several Digital Built India initiatives. He is the Founding President of the National BIM Society-India Building Information Modelling Association® that focuses on the Digital Transformation of the Indian AECO Sector. He is the Chairman-BIM of the Governing Council of the FOCUS Forum of Critical Utility Services. He is serving as Principal Member-Construction Management Sectional Committee CED29, Bureau of Indian Standards. He also serves as National Secretary of the Forum for Human Rights & Anti-Corruption. He holds a PhD in Establishing Organization BIM Strategies from National Taiwan University with a one-year exchange at Imperial College London. One Master’s in Global BIM Management from the University of Barcelona-Zigurat GIT and another in Construction Management from Bangalore Univ. He has participated in a few international conferences and published journal papers and book chapters in this area.

Register here: https://srmap.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Q-4lzGFfTPGepSaI0jR-NA

Join this illuminating discussion on August 27, 2021, at 9:30 am and gain valuable insights into the prospective areas of Building Information Modelling.

Introduction to AI/ML with Python

The research scholars from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering with the support and guidance of the faculty are initiating a Research Scholar’s Talk Series titled My Scholar’s Voice (MSV). The first session in the series will be held on August 28, 2021. Ms Vineela Chandra D will engage the participants from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm with her enlightening talk on Introduction to AI/ML with Python.

The objective of the program is to project the expertise of the researcher from their domain to motivate the undergraduate/postgraduate students and fellow researchers. In addition, one can get familiarized with the research going on in different areas in the ECE department. This will surely develop an interest in research apart from academics. The programme will be beneficial for the presenter as well as the participants as it will help to build up a strong research network where they can continue collaborative research.

About the Speaker:
Ms Vineela Chandra D is pursuing her PhD under the guidance of Dr Karthikeyan E (Department of ECE, SRM University-AP). She had received her B.Tech degree in ECE from Amritha Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore (2015). She then joined Robert Bosch Engineering and Business solutions ltd, Coimbatore as an Associate Network Engineer (2015-2017). She received her MTech degree in Embedded systems from KL University (2017-2019). Her research interests include Machine learning, Signal processing, and Embedded systems.

All research enthusiasts are invited to join the first session of My Scholar’s Voice on August 28, 2021, at 11:00 am.

Join us at:https://srmap.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hfYPTgopQaaGXr2mvzk6BQ

World Photography Day is an annual global celebration of photography’s art, craft, science, and history. The Photography Society at SRM University-AP is organising a session titled The Scientific Art of Photography on August 19, 2021, at 7.00 pm to raise awareness, share ideas, and encourage people who work in the field of photography. Dr Manjunatha Thondamal, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences will be the chief guest of the event.

The Photography Society, a student-led initiative of SRM University-AP is one of the active and vibrant clubs wherein students are trained to see and create meaning in what they are able to perceive. Students critically appraise and appreciate the process and product of photography in social-cultural contexts. The scientific art of capturing fleeting moments will be elaborated on by Dr Manjunatha during the session.

All students are invited to join the event on August 19, 2021, at 7.00 pm and broaden the notion of what and how things can be seen.