Economics is the study of how individuals and firms and governments make decisions in the face of constraints. For example, deciding what to buy, when to buy, where to work, how many people to employ, how much to produce, whether to increase the tax rate are all decisions that have important implications for the welfare of households, firms and the economy.  And currently, for students in high school, an essential and immediate decision is what degree to pursue in college.

Scope & Career Opportunities with B.A. Economics at SRM Amaravati:

The BA Economics program at SRM University AP, Amravati seeks to draw students who have a desire to enter careers where they are likely to make long-lasting contributions in policy making, in research or corporate world. A major in economics can plan a career path in areas like banking, finance, business studies, management, law, public policy, business analytics, data science, to name a few. The in-depth study of economic theory, applied analysis, quantitative skills and economic policies help one to apply her knowledge in any of the above areas. It is also very common for this program to serve as a launch pad to propel students interested in pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program at elite schools both in India and abroad.  One of the most sought after subjects in the Indian Civil Services Exams and other competitive exams such as the Indian Economic Service and the Reserve Bank of India, economics is the cog from which many exciting and fulfilling careers emerge.  Many of India’s Rhodes scholars (perhaps the most prestigious scholarship offered at the end of an undergraduate degree both in India and abroad) have chosen Economics as their undergraduate major. As a discipline, it combines a student’s ability in mathematics alongside their deep curiosity in understanding how the world functions and behaves.

Why B.A Economics at SRM Amaravati:

The BA-Economics program at SRM University-AP has the advantage of studying Economics in a liberal arts college settings with comparatively smaller class size and more in-depth discussions among students and faculty. The program offers a series of foundation courses serving the needs of economics major and non-major students, core courses in economic theory, several lower level and higher level courses, including a variety of electives-some of which are interdisciplinary in nature. The university-wide foundation courses designed for the liberal arts students also opens up avenues for interaction with faculties from interdisciplinary areas. Overall the BA-Economics program at SRM University-AP exposes students to a broad horizon of subjects, from which students find it easier to identify their area of interest for their future. The exposure to undergraduate research through two-semester-long dissertation helps the students to identify their research interests if they decide to pursue a research career later. In addition to acquiring a BA degree in Economics, students have an option to take additional courses in other liberal arts programmes and receive a minor degree in subjects such as psychology, history, computer science or mathematics.