Orientation Fortnight

24 June – 5 July

An introduction to college life and a foundation for learning and success.

“The transition from high school to college is a critical one. The newfound freedom is liberating for some but intimidating for others, rich with opportunity for some but fraught with risk for others. The expectations of students, parents, faculty and administrators are often in conflict. What should this transition be all about? We take a broad developmental perspective of the four-year journey from adolescence and dependency to adulthood and autonomy, from leaving the nest awkwardly to soaring boldly above the clouds. Induction is the beginning of that journey, and we seek to balance these varied factors. Our goal is to inspire our new students, reassure their parents, and satisfy institutional requirements. It is to give our students the space and guidance to explore new horizons, cultivate their talents, and forge strong bonds with the university, the faculty and with each other.”
SRM AP Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jamshed Bharucha

Orientation Fortnight at SRM, held two weeks before the start of their academic calendar provides a bridge for students to level-up with the rest of their peers and create a sense of belonging and create a lasting impression.

The 2019 SRM AP orientation & induction program has many new features:

Students will go through a structured program that familiarises them with the institution, the department and the surroundings.

AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) prescribes in its Model Curriculum, a detailed guideline for administering an Induction /Orientation program covering three themes - Creative Arts, Physical Education and Universal Human Values. In adopting these guidelines, SRM AP in consultation with FACE (Focus Academy for Career Enhancement) has designed a detailed program which adds two more themes – Personal Development and Professional Development – and makes it a robust and holistic pathway for students to kick start their graduate journey.

There will be several sessions for students to confer with assigned faculty mentors who will assist with queries and provide valuable guidance towards easing into life at SRM AP.

Students will be introduced to the various departments and to the unique features of the revolutionary Minerva platform.

SRM AP is committed to preparing students for the jobs of the future and this means acquiring a wide range of skills and competencies besides learning how to chart their graduate journey.  The orientation will cover many of these such as:

  • Goal setting
  • The power of habits
  • Complex communications
  • Time management and productivity
  • Impression management
  • Writing and creating a digital story
  • Problem solving as a team
  • Stage focussed performance

This year, special focus is on physical education and the sports mind-set through sessions with Stephen Baker, former Dean of Athletics, Cooper Union, USA.

Orientation for parents

Parents play an important role in the student's transition into college life and need to be well informed about the structure of the university and where to find additional information. At orientation, parents and families will learn about policies, standards, and behavioural expectations for students and communication channels.

“The aims of the Orientation Fortnight are to help the students coming from diverse backgrounds to level-up and be inspired. Apart from sessions that introduce them to the university setup, there are sessions that equip them with the tools they need to succeed in academia as well as their personal lives. Some of these sessions introduce them to terminologies they will encounter/use in this new academic environment.”
Vijay Anand P S (Practice Lead- Soft Skills) from FACE

The SRM AP orientation will introduce the various university stakeholders and the administrative system to the students and aims to provide them a good foundation to navigate their first few months as they settle in to their academic schedules.

Admissions Open 2019