UC Berkeley, U.S., is astounded at SRM Amaravati Semester Abroad students

Few excerpts from the email received from Mr. Anthony St. George, Ph.D. – Assistant Dean, International and Corporate Partnerships, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

We recently had a wonderful end-of-semester dinner with them at which they reported on their academic progress and time here and we were astounded at how much they accomplished — AND how well they did even beyond Berkeley. Many of the students worked on 2-3 or more start-up projects and were encouraged by many in the entrepreneurial community to pursue their start-up ideas. Several of the projects were also accepted into campus and local Bay Area pitch competitions and hackathons – quite an impressive feat! It was also a great joy to see their enthusiasm, creativity, positivity, and beyond that, even with all the changes they faced coming to a new country and having to weather the uncertainty of our course acceptance process, they remained so polite and friendly, they really impressed all they interacted with, from faculty and graduate instructors to all of us in administration in GLOBE, the Jacobs Institute, and SCET who had the pleasure of engaging with them. Betsy, who got to know the students well over these past few months, continues to hear positive news from both the students and the instructors even as the semester closes.

Please let President Sathya and all your colleagues know we are delighted by the program and look forward to the seeing the applicants for next year’s cohort.

Best wishes,
Anthony St. George, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, International, and Corporate Partnerships

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