SRM AP announces landmark agreement to bring active learning forum into practice; collaborates with Minerva University, San Francisco

SRM University – AP, Amaravati held its annual board meeting and a landmark university conference on January 24th at its campus. This was followed by strategy meetings with the VC advisory board to work out details for a competitive vision and future for the university; and advisory board town halls with faculty and students.

SRM AP is embarking on a significant expansion plan with greater resources and programs for faculty research and with an aim to enhance the student learning experience, new international collaborations to integrate innovation and technology-driven pedagogies such as active learning forums into the curriculum.


According to SRM AP VC jamshed Bharucha active learning forum principles are based on science of learning which enables students to better retain what they have learned increases their comprehension of complex ideas , VC express the importance of active learning , advance research and career development will be the areas university will excel in coming years

SRM AP board of governors and management in attendance include P. Sathyanarayanan, President, SRM AP, Jamshed Bharucha, Vice Chancellor, SRM AP, Elizabeth Bradley, President, Vassar College, Nicholas Dirks, Emeritus Chairman, UC Berkeley, Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor, UC San Diego, Prasant Mohapatra, Vice Chancellor Research, University of California -Davis, Kerry Healey, President, Babson College, and Damodar Acharya, Former Director, IIT Kharagpur.

At the conference, in addition to SRM AP board members, participants will be from the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Board. These include leading academics from Tufts, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, Cooper Union, Olin College of Engineering, and Vassar. Among these, are distinguished leaders in their disciplines such as Teresa Dahlberg, Dean of Engineering, Syracuse, Patricia Jackson, VP Development, Brown, Margaret Newell, Deputy Provost, Harvard, Rajini Srikanth, Dean, Liberal Arts School, University of Massachusetts, and Niranjan Bose, Senior Advisor, Bill Gates foundation.


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