“Your Career in Business”- Insights from Mr Takashi Ishikawa


Visits from Big Techs offer an opportunity for young and potential students of management to develop future aspirations and shape their careers. The Paari School of Business organised a visit from the Tech Giant Mr Takashi Ishikawa, the Managing Director and Chairman of Toshiba Software India on March 06, 2023. The experienced business leader interacted with students and shared insight on prospective career opportunities and employment strategies for budding business managers. He encouraged students to explore different career paths and pursue their passions and interests. Mr Ishikawa emphasized the importance of continuous learning and development and encouraged students to pursue lifelong learning and stay current with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Mr Ishikawa also discussed the company’s recent developments and initiatives, including its focus on digital transformation and the development of innovative technologies. In addition to discussing the company’s initiatives. The visit has proved to be a beneficial opportunity for students to learn about the regional ecosystem of Toshiba Software and gain insights on career development from a seasoned industry leader. His emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and lifelong learning serves as a valuable reminder of the skills and qualities necessary for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

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