The network of mindfulness, leadership, and performing arts

paper publicationMindfulness, leadership, and performing arts have deep interconnections that, if approached theoretically, can give productive outcomes to implement in workplaces and potential employees. The School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies is delighted to inform you that the paper titled ‘Exploring mindfulness and leadership development: Lessons learned using grounded theory through the study of the performing arts’ by Dr Vimal Babu, Associate Professor, got published in the journal FIIB Business Review published by SAGE publication.

Abstract of the research

The research looks at mindfulness mechanisms and leadership characteristics as they are expressed in performing art forms. This qualitative study examines major categories to create a theoretical framework for mindful leadership development using performing arts. The present study employs the research paradigm of interpretivism to investigate respondents’ experiences and unique phenomena. The Grounded theory (GT) methodology helps explore grounded data and the development of theories. The abstract core category ‘Immense Concentration and Self-Control’ captures the abstract and inclusive meaning as understood by the sample respondents. The qualitative coding analysis aided in the investigation of the data-driven abstract phenomena. According to the findings of this study, all performing artists require a higher level of attention and self-control to demonstrate fascinating performances like Koodiyattam. A higher level of attention and self-control can be ensured based on increased mindfulness, identified leadership attributes, motivation components, values and beliefs, and personality dispositions of the performing artists. In-depth theoretical reflections on the relationships between the relevant categories are presented. The relationships between the five major categories of mindfulness processes, leadership abilities, motivation components, values and beliefs, and personality dispositions are very significant.

Explanation of the research

In simple terms, the present research explores the dynamics of mindfulness, leadership, and other potential variables enabling mindful leadership through performing arts, helping the practicing managers learn the innovative approaches to inculcate mindful leadership in employees in the workplace. To attain the research purpose, researchers studied the Koodiyattam performing arts as an instrument of mindfulness and leadership based on in-depth interviews of Koodiyattam performing artists. Since the present work explores deeper meanings and experiences to unearth unique and insightful phenomena, the Grounded Theory was appropriately employed as a methodology.

Practical implementation of the research

Managers and executives can derive valuable insights based on the present study. They would be able to understand the interconnections of mindfulness, leadership, and performing arts. It would offer them a better grounding to argue and introduce arts-based initiatives at their workplaces to enhance mindful leadership amongst potential employees aiming for well-being and career development in the organization. Several organizations have been experimenting with arts and its impact on business. However, the studies are in the nascent stage. Hence, more like-minded researchers need to join hands for diverse, global, and intercultural studies, focusing on different variables, including arts. The findings of the present research exhibit firm conviction in enlightening the industry practitioners to consider performing arts based mindful leadership training to enhance mindfulness and leadership attributes of the employees, in turn, making them productive and engaged workforce in the long run.

For this research, Dr Vimal babu has collaborated with Dr Amresh Kumar, IIM, Bodh Gaya, India, and Vipin Kumar, PMP, BT India, Gurgaon, India. His future research plans are to work in strategic leadership, negotiation, and conflict management using innovative qualitative research methods. Entrepreneurship education and circular entrepreneurship are also an area of much interest.

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