Next Tech Lab undergraduates present ‘Smart Irrigation Solution for Farmers’ at the 10th ICCCNT at IIT Kanpur

July 6th-8th, 2019: Second and third year B.Tech students, Agniswar Paul –  ECE 3rd year, Fahad Kamraan – CSE 3rd year, Ajay Kumar – CSE 2nd year, Jaideep Cherukuri – CSE 2nd year, together presented a paper on “Low-cost IoT+Machine Learning (ML) design for smart farming using multiple applications” at the 10th ICCCNT held at IIT Kanpur. The model developed is a breakthrough in the context of Indian agriculture, providing smart irrigation solutions, based on weather forecasts. This cost-effective, ML infused technology (alert system for farmers) will help improve the yield through crop suggestion and weather determination.

The presentation was attended by Dr. Prakash Duraisamy – University of South Alabama, Dr. Claudio Gallicchio – University of Pisa (Italy) and Dr. Fujitha – University of Tokyo among many other eminent scholars and academicians.  This paper will be published on the prestigious IEEE Xplore Digital Library, later this year.

 “The crisis in the Indian agriculture, increasing rate of farmer suicide coupled with rise in demand for agricultural production with the ever-increasing population in India, uncertain weather conditions, improper water management and outdated irrigation systems deployed on the farm-sites inspired us to devise a model which will solve these problems and give a better life to the farmers”, says Agniswar Paul.

Fahad Kamraan shares, “It was a huge opportunity for us to present this paper in front of all the authors, researchers from across the globe, especially being the youngest participating group, who encouraged and advised us on how to improve our research work and take it forward in the future”.

Presently the model developed by these students can be used for small-scale farming.  “However, the plan is to modify and adapt the model and use it for large scale farming activities in days to come.” added Paul.

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