Combining intelligent systems for social good

Intelligent Systems for Social Good Theory and Practice. Merging the calibre of two well-fledged technologies will massively impact the momentum of social life. Decoding the possible links between promising technologies would employ solutions to various societal issues. Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, gave life to this thought by publishing a book titled Intelligent Systems for Social Good Theory and Practice. He published this work as an editor in a book series named Advanced Technologies and Social Change by Springer Nature.

The book highlights the connection between the two technologies: Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). It shows the better impact of the relation between these technologies in society, using real-world examples. Each chapter in the book proposes novel solutions to societal problems along with the challenges in the application of AI and IoT to solve them. The adverse attacks on Machine Learning models and how to protect sensitive data over the IoT network are discussed in the book.

The book is significant to Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan as applying the two technologies mentioned helps resolve various social problems related to healthcare, agriculture, green environment, renewable energies, smart cities, etc.

Shyamapada Mukherjee and Naresh Babu Muppalaneni from NIT Silchar and Sukriti Bhattacharya from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Belvaux, have worked together with Dr Ashok for this work. The book’s target audience is undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students from Science and Engineering backgrounds.

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