Active Learning Forum – Now at SRM AP

University in landmark tie-up with US Based Minerva Schools.

“In adopting this technology-driven pedagogy SRM AP is on the forefront of education transformation in India” – Vice Chancellor, Jamshed Bharucha

In a landmark new initiative, SRM AP has tied up with San Francisco based Minerva schools to integrate ALF (Active learning forum), their proven science of learning platform, into university curriculum. This was announced following the Board of Governors and Vice Chancellor’s advisory board meet on campus.

January 25, 2019, Amaravati: SRM AP Governing Body and Advisory Board

Worldwide acclaim for Active Learning Forums

This revolutionary technology-based online approach has been very successful in enhancing the learning experience for students and has received enthusiastic response from leaders in the high tech industry.

Ben Nelson, Founder, Minerva Schools at KGI, giving a ALF class demo at SRM AP campus

One reason is that active learning forums use a systematic data driven approach enabling professors to guide students towards greater retention of key concepts as well as an ability to apply those concepts to practical situations.

This teaching methodology is based on years of cognitive and behavioural research in the science of learning.

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