Journalism Scope and Opportunity

  1. Choice Based Credit System, wherein students have flexibility to choose their courses from the list of electives.
  2. Option of obtaining minor degrees.
  3. Depending upon the interest of students/he can pursue higher education from prestigious universities.
  4. The vast and comprehensive curriculum offers an advantage to prepare for the civil service exams
  5. Continuous evaluation through seminar, tutorials and assignments helps to develop writing and communication skills.
  6. A strong focus on contemporary media practice.
  7. Students at the Department of Journalism can also conduct research with the supervision of faculty members.
  8. Scholarship programme that covers tuition and hostel fees for the students.

Future plans and opportunities

  • Can choose to become a Journalist in ever increasing media industry.
  • Become a copywriter, columnist, editor.
  • Be an independent content creator in social media platform like YouTube.
  • Get into academia and take up research career on media studies.
  • Public services and administration
  • Public speaker
  • Author or Writer for non- profit organisation.
  • Become Public Policy Advisor.